Fibercoin: Fast Blockchain Cash

Fibercoin – Fast Blockchain Cash is an open source, blockchain-based cryptocurrency with ultra fast transactions, low fees, high network decentralization, and provide users with a simple, secure, private, and stable digital transactions.

Fibercoin launched out as a coin to address the needs of small investors who get caught up in the waves and frenzy created by the huge investors. The Fibercoin project will aim to be a consistently profitable long term crypto currency project. In a world of unreal, intangible and virtual currencies, Fibercoin will strive to be a real, authentic and tangible business project.

Fibercoin Specifications
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Algorithm: POS / POW (Scrypt)
Maximum Coin Supply: 320,015,000 FBC
Premine: 320,015 FBC (0.1%)
Block Time: 114 Seconds
PoS percentage: 114% APR
Block size: 1 MB
RPC port: 11433 – P2P port: 11430
PoS Stake Eligibility
Minimum Input Age: 7 hours
Reward Maturity Confirms: 30 confirms
Wallet Status: Requires wallet to be kept running & online.
Transaction Send Eligibility
Minimum Confirm: 30 confirms
Transaction Fee: 0.00001 FBC

Our Team

A powerful coin built on a proven platform enhanced by a new technological innovation that is unique and unbeatable.

We as a team are proud to present Fibercoin to the world.

Computer Engineering and Software Engineering expert and Crypto Currency enthusiast.
CEO & Lead-Dev
Everyone of you is a part of our team. We offer you a platform but our community is our strongest member.